Table of Contents

You can start reading Dream of Orgonon at any point you like. Chronological readers may get a keener sense of the story’s progression, but you can also just pick a song you like, read about it, and go from there. Here’s a reader’s guide for easier navigation of the blog.

Chapter One: The Cathy and Phoenix Demos (1973-1976)
Something Like a Song
Queen Eddie
Cussi Cussi/Sunsi/Atlantis/You Were the Star/Maybe
Passing Through Air
Saxophone Song
The Man with the Child in His Eyes
Pick the Rare Flower/On Fire Inside a Snowball/So Soft/Nevertheless You’ll Do/Stranded at the Moonbase
A Rose Growing Old/Playing Canasta in Cold Rooms/The Craft of Love/Come Closer to Me Babe/The Disbelieving Angel
Oh To Be In Love
Carmilla/Where Are the Lionhearts/Dali/While Davy Dozed/Frightened Eyes/Organic Acid
Hammer Horror
Kashka from Baghdad
Come Together
The Kick Inside

Chapter Two: The Kick Inside, Lionheart, & The Tour of Life (1977-1979)
Wuthering Heights
L’Amour Looks Something Like You
James and the Cold Gun
Room for the Life
Them Heavy People
Feel It
Scares Me Silly
Strange Phenomena
The Japan Trip
Don’t Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake
In Search of Peter Pan
Oh England My Lionheart
In the Warm Room
Symphony in Blue
Coffee Homeground
The Tour of Life

Chapter Three: Never for Ever (1979-1980)