Table of Contents

You can start reading Dream of Orgonon at any point you like. Chronological readers may get a keener sense of the story’s progression, but you can also just pick a song you like, read about it, and go from there. Here’s a reader’s guide for easier navigation of the blog.

Chapter One: The Cathy and Phoenix Demos (1973-1976)
Something Like a Song
Queen Eddie
Cussi Cussi/Sunsi/Atlantis/You Were the Star/Maybe
Passing Through Air
Saxophone Song
The Man with the Child in His Eyes
Pick the Rare Flower/On Fire Inside a Snowball/So Soft/Nevertheless You’ll Do/Stranded at the Moonbase
A Rose Growing Old/Playing Canasta in Cold Rooms/The Craft of Love/Come Closer to Me Babe/The Disbelieving Angel
Oh To Be In Love
Carmilla/Where Are the Lionhearts/Dali/While Davy Dozed/Frightened Eyes/Organic Acid
Hammer Horror
Kashka from Baghdad
Come Together
The Kick Inside

Chapter Two: The Kick Inside, Lionheart, & The Tour of Life (1977-1979)
Wuthering Heights
L’Amour Looks Something Like You
James and the Cold Gun
Room for the Life
Them Heavy People
Feel It
Scares Me Silly